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Thank you for taking the time to visit. This website I have created to demonstrate some of my skills and experience working over the past years. Today, these combined skillsets allow me to vary my work into a wide range of opportunities. I started building my work ethic and career as far back as high school. I am a native of the Washington, D. C. area.


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How can I help your business, your organization, your project?

Visual Communications Specialist

I understand and have worked in traditional media and film production for more than a decade; shooting, editing and producing

I can produce and incorporate special custom effects and graphics, 3D Logo animations, custom music and sounds with effects, and output your completed project into a final piece for commercial distribution on DVD, On-Demand, Television, and Internet (Web) media for your website or other destinations like Youtube.com.

Clients include ABC News One, ABC Wide World of Sports, Adidas, Inc., Blackfeet Indian Reservation, CNN-Cable News Network, Crown Enterprises, Dana Design Backpacks, Eagle Bend Golf Community, ESPN-Ski World with Bob Beattie, ESPN2, Flathead Convention and Visitors Association, Glacier National Park Forest Service, The Grateful Dead Band, Lan Chile Airlines, Meadowlake Golf and Ski Resort, Vivum Group, LLC, MoeMentum, Inc.(Olympic downhill Tommy Moe), Eric Bergoust Olympic aerial ski jumper, National Library of Medicine (NIH), New York Yankees, Paddler Magazine, PrimeSports Northwest, Spiker Communications, Inc., Spirit Talk Magazine, TCI Cablevision, The Timex Watch Corporation, Travel Montana, WinterSports, Inc., Burton Snowboards, Joyride Snowboards, K2 Corporation, and others.

I have experience in the areas of production management, streaming media delivery, asset management systems, workflow processes, non-linear editing software (AVID MC, Adobe PPro, Apple FC, Eyeon Fusion, Autodesk Combustion, 3ds Max, Maya), computer configurations and hardware technologies, multimedia production, training video and flash production, DVD authoring, and a variety of sound technologies like Native Instruments, Reason, Tracktion, Live, Cubebase, Adobe Audition and Soundbooth. I started my career path during college by working at and completing the rigorous internship program at Cable News Network (CNN) in the Washington, D.C. Bureau working with programs like Evans and Novak, Larry King, and top personalities like Bernard Shaw, Gene Randall, and many others. I ran countless live cameras on-air in the studio and on-air with the guest interviews, traveled with stake-out crews trying to capture glimpses of Mikhail Gorbachev and other DC "events" (like the Iran-Contra hearings under Ronald Reagan involving Oliver North and Admiral Poindexter). I assisted with transmissions in the satellite trucks microwaving footage and live feeds back to the bureau, prepared footage in the editing bays, worked asset management functions in the CNN Library, and even produced my own documentary on gun control. (pics pages coming soon)

Information Technology Developer and Interactive Designer

I am mainly a front end Developer/Programmer, and I like to specialize on User Interfaces, User Design, basically anything GUI. I am a CSS, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, Flash design with AS2 & AS3 and Flash video developer. I have been learning JavaScript, XML, WAI Accessibility Guidelines and 508 compliance design specifications. As the lines between the front-end and back-end of the development arena blur (I say arena b/c it is a battleground to understand so much tech), I am continually adding to my current capabilities by becoming more proficient in Flex, Air, Web 2.0 tech, JavaBeans, AJAX, DOM scripting, Data Logic and Data manipulation.

I am also a capable graphics artist, animator, modeler, and digital photographer. I have recently added 3D Studio Max animation modeling, Modo, zBrush and Toonboom 2D animator. I have just recently graduated from Johns Hopkins University Career Institute with a Visual Communications Masters Certificate. This program consisted of four certificates (see grey inserton bio page for more details).

  1. First, I completed a certificate in Graphics Design, Layout and Digital Photography.
  2. Second, I completed a master certificate in Web Design, Graphics and Layout for the Web, HTML, XHTML, CSS and Flash with ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 and the use of Dreamweaver.
  3. Third, I completed a master certificate in 3D, involving Object modeling, 3D Texturing and Materials, 3D Lighting and Cameras, Rendering Techniques, and Animation using 3D Studio Max.
  4. The Fourth is a master certificate in Digital Media, Directing and Production techniques, NLE Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Sound Editing and DVD Production with the Adobe Master Collection.

Business and Marketing Specialist

I have worked for different companies over the years as Director of Marketing, VP of Broadband, Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist in the Media, Software, Technology and Government areas. I understand projects, project management and how to deliver them on time and in budget. I enjoy a mix of both working with a team and working independently. I have been responsible for the research and development of entire marketing and communications plans for departments, entire companies, and individual products marketed to different groups internally, other agencies and to the public at large.

Prior to these opportunities and probably what prepared me most for them was starting from scratch and running a small business. Not only did I produce, shoot and edit, but I ran the business, the investors, banking, financing, payroll, employees and office space in addition to my production roles in creating videos, but more important marketing those products we produced and making sure they performed their intended goals for the clientele. The most important part of this experience was marketing to the public in different locations not only around the U.S.A. but to other countries. One of my favorite things to do is market to customers. Researching their needs, habits and trying to match targeted groups with targeted products. My greatest achievement was a project with Timex Corporation. Aside from the story, one cannot passover the incredible success of the marketing campaign myself and my partner at the time implemented. Unfortunately, when things are extremely successful large corporations, (at least this one did) sometimes loose sight of how they found some of this success. More on that in marketing section. I believe in business integrity, I focus on the positive and always look forward bringing my life lessons with me.

The world wide web now makes it possible to build design and marketing right into your business itself. It is all about the layers of design, technology, and business. You create a design and then alter it to fit the layers of each medium of distribution. There is the web layer, the business presentation layers like internal communications and external public relations layers, the television/media layers which now overlap on the web with online video and flash video, interactive products and their layers which are defining product development through product distribution, and there are the print layers like packaging, web content, direct mail promotions, and now more important then ever is the social networking scope of your business and its messaging and branding.

All of this today in one way or another is defined as VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS. As a Visual Communications Specialist or Consultant, I can truly create success in technology usage, project management, branding and corporate communications and add bottom line value for your organization, business or project which ultimately needs to produce effective quantitative, and quantifiable results!

2009 Masters Certificate in Visual Communications, Johns Hopkins University, Columbia, Md Campus. I believe in training and learning as much as I can. I really enjoy the experience of meeting new teachers and new perspectives in Technology. It is evolving so rapidly the only real way to stay in touch with it is to get involved in it through workshops, certifications, tradeshows and events. 'The more things change the more they stay the same."

How it all started...

It all started early in high school over a gazilian years ago when i busted up my knee playing football. I was approached by the year book editor school staff member who asked if i wanted to shoot photography for the yearbook. They knew I had done well in my black and white photography class with my first mentor. They needed a student life section editor. This meant of course you had to shoot the photos, created the layout pages and write all the copy text and articles. I knew at that moment I was hooked on photography and design. See my photography website I created in flash which is fed by an XML spreadsheet to control all the text in the site ...

Quotations of Life Experiences

One of my great passions is quotations, the things people say in the world we live and the things people do that creates these quotations and words. They may sound like familiar cliches or deep words of wisdom! They are the true reflections of real lives that have been lived by another. Here is my list of what other people say that helps me contemplate, create and reflect upon new thoughts and ideas. At times they guide me through this "journey in life" and at other moments they are just fun to reflect and laugh.

Please remember, it is not in where we end up, but the experiences along the journey that fulfills us and make us who we are at this very moment. We are all passengers on the train of life, eventually we have to get off. Something I say a lot!

"Say what you mean, mean what you say, and then do what you mean as best you can." David Bond