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Video Demo Section

Thanks for visiting my demo gallery! I am excited to share and show the world my work. Here you will find websites, graphic design, animations, 3D broadcast graphics, films, video productions, compositing work, tutorials i have completed, and much more. Stop in periodically and check out my new work. Thanks and Stay Positive, Life is not a race its an Adventure. Make it so!!

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The Project Pages:

I enjoy webdesign, user interface design and graphic design. It is important to understand the basics. It is imperative to understand the values and methodologies that go into each field of study. You must understand concepts like user motivations, hierarchies, spacial memories, pattern structures, navigation pros and cons. How your interface articulates, its' guidelines for consistency, and form design plus many more.

UI/UX Designer/Developer -- Once I was exposed to User Interface Design work, I began focusing on taking as much networking, design, and developer training I was able to fit into my life in order to make this a dominant career objective. Samples here ...

Graphic Design Work, Logos, and Print Layouts

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, See more click below ...

picutre of hands that are brick and woodDVD cover sample photoshop work Timex brochure with vhs lead photo design Interface to Streaming Video for Medical samples

Click Graphics and Design or Movie Covers, Logo Designs, and Print layouts and digital photography. For Links to some of my PBGC Print One Two, and Three, PC Splash Screens, Brochure PBGC, Dept. of Interior in class sample.

Logo Designs

Polar Bear Productions Logo design with blue swath logos samples by David BondGeneratetv logo icon

Web Designs, XHTML and CSS, Flash and ActionScript

I have worked on sites in the past as a team member responsible for content, graphics, and photography. I have been project lead on flash website teams and I have created them individually. These websites were created in CSS and XHTML including this site you are currently browsing. I am always trying to expand my capabilities. Go to website samples or click the icons below:

Flash Banner Ads in any shape, size, style, and interactive content. Find this final clean version this one is for placement only. soon to be link to flash page(s).

chevy banner ad animated gif

Commercial and Business Productions

eLocal Corp Video- Play Now!. Butte Palace Club Promo - Play Now!. Polar Bear Productions Inc. Corporate Demo- Play Now!. Vivum Corp Client Testimonial, and more.

Digital Photography

Here is a link to my flash photography site under construction. Flash Photo Site!. Here is a link to more photography samples. Here is a sample of my panoramic photography work:

panarama of battleship

Graphics and Animations

Here I recreated our Polar Bear Productions logo from scratch with Illustrator(for a redesign I am working on for a branding overhaul for all mediums), then separated the individual pieces and imported them into zaxwerks proinvigorator software. I styled them as a silver metal with a tweak of lighting in different positions. I then animated the parts by hand controlling each path for each part as they fly out, then I reversed the process so the animation puts the pieces back together. Then last, I made adjustments to the timing. Watch PBP Logo Animation Now! Watch wine glass shatter! Matrix Movie graphic effect sample of my graphics capabilities. Vivum Logo Fly In over fiilm footage.

Exploring Montana Channel Programming

Local CableTV Spot, Golf Show "Par for the Course" Sample, Play Now!

Variety of Clips from Exploring Montana Programming. Play Now!

image of David in Crane made by Dicky Deats

Golf Crane shot sample footage while making the Meadowlake Corporate VideoTape.

Kayaking Tips Sample hosted by Chris Spelius.

Paddle Frenzy and the Paddle Hounds

Coming Soon. Play Now!

KAVU DAY with Dan Gavere

Coming Soon.. Play Now!

The Montana Winter Movie

This was one of Polar Bear Productions, Inc. last productions. We took a culmination of ten or more years of video and film footage to create the only movie exclusively filmed in and about THr great state of Montana and it's Big Sky Winter Wonderland, On ski areas, off ski areas, olympic gold medalists to your backyard rippers and next door neighbors. Play Teaser Sample Now!.

Snowboarder flying thru the snowghosts of Big Mtn Montana peaks photo in the Winter ski photo image from Big Mountain Montana

PaddleQuest, The World Kayak Adventure with Team Timex

This was third kayak movie in the Polar Bear Productions, Inc.'s Trilogy Series (Paddle Frenzy, Kavu Day, and PaddleQuest). This production was conceived, planned, and produced in under six months on a budget under $150,000 dollars. We traveled from Chile to Alaska, via Montana and Idaho to conquer some of the highest water levels ever recorded with kayakers in them, including the Sesitna in AK. To all our fans thank you so much, too all our sponsors great forsight, to all the kayakers, friends and family that help us pull this off, the most thanks. Great projects do not happen on their own my partner and I had true vision. Remember this was two years before anyone knew what the Xgames where and the only national retailer was Walmart. Play Entire Movie Now! Limited time only! Play movie teaser here. Play kayak camera sequences here.

kayaker camera sequence play image link timex movie cover kayaker camera sequence play image link

Time Stands still when "PaddleQuest" joins the world class athletes we put together for the creation of TIMEX Expedition Team on a transcontinental quest in search of the ultimate whitewater ride.

Technical Installations and Video Systems

This is the last television/streaming Internet combo studio job I designed and built. See More Pics!

studio design and built by David as Project Manager while VP of Broadband at eLocal!

See me and my studio cave.